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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stills from new Gaspar Noe film

So, I am a full two months late to this scoop, but after talking with Adam about how great I Stand Alone (and Gaspar Noe in general) is, I decided to do a little research into when in the hell his next full-length film is coming out. It's been six years since Irreversible, and I've been holding my breath waiting since I saw both his movies in 2005. Well, I unearthed this Quiet Earth post, which has both a rough synopsis for Enter the Void and some amazing stills. I hope it's well worth the wait (IMDB has its release date as sometime in 2009, which means at least 5-6 more months of waiting), but knowing Noe, it will be.

ETA: Apparently, there are rumors that Daft Punk will be doing the music for the film; I enjoyed, yet was incredibly disturbed by, Thomas Bangalter's score for Irreversible, and I'm excited by the prospect of this being an ongoing collaboration with these two forces.

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