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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food for thought

The Nines was one of my favorites from 2007 (that I didn't actually see until this year), but was almost completely ignored, not only by major theater chains, but independents and even the indie film fan mobs (the most disappointing part of all). Now, over a year and a half since The Nines's first Sundance buzz, writer/director John August has written a post-mortem on his blog, which not only touches on the failures of his film (commercially, because he rightfully stands by its artistic merits), but of the "independent" film market in the US, and Sundance in general. He basically puts into well-written words, from an experienced perspective, what I've been fearing was the case with the American independent film market. He's overall pessimistic, and even ends the article with the question of if anyone should even bother making indie films.

This might be the time to start a new film movement; films like Little Miss Sunshine and Juno aren't representative of true independent film, nor are ones like There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men (both of which I loved). There are two schools of so-called indie films; the cuddly, vaguely sarcastic but with a heart family comedies, or the films made by established directors that have a built-in audience. None of those four films are actually independents, having been financed by major studios (although the "independent" wings, whatever that means). Before I start ranting, I just think that a very clever, well-acted, intriguing movie like The Nines should have some sort of audience, but like every other movement, American independent film is being bought out by major studios and theater chains. There's got to be something to be done. (Note: I know this comes dangerously close to the "selling out" debate, which I refuse to participate in, because it's silly, but it's interesting to hear a director with a minor amount of clout spea his mind so freely about such a hot topic.)

And thanks to Ode to Azia for the tip that there are storyboards available for Alejandro Jodorowsky's King Shot here. The site's in Italian, but the drawings are amazingly cool -- OtA says the film is supposed to be in the same style as Sin City (score!), with enough sex and violence to garner it an NC-17 rating. Otherwise, I have no idea what the movie's about; this is the synopsis from IMDB at the moment: Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold.. Hrm. But Jodorowsky, Asia Argento (one of my favorites), Udo Kier, Marilyn Manson, and those creepy yet intriguing storyboards? SOLD.

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the same style as Sin City?
sure a movie to see.
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