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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of new trailers!

Three brand new trailers for three movies I can't wait to see.

The Coen brothers' follow up to No Country For Old Men is, of course, something completely different: Burn After Reading, the story of a former CIA agent (John Malkovitch) who leaves a digital copy of his tell-all memoirs in a gym run by Frances McDormand and a hilarious-looking Brad Pitt (guys, he actually used to look like this). It looks like a return to teh balls-out funny Coens of The Big Lebowski -- this red band trailer really delivers. The final shot of Pitt dancing on the treadmill sold me.

An embeddable one for Choke:

Now, from reading about the movie, it seems pretty faithful to Chuck Palahniuk's book, but you wouldn't know that from the trailer. It looks like a romantic comedy, albeit one with a dark edge. The trailer hardly goes into Victor's choking or his mother situation, much less the weirder stuff that goes on in the book. This is probably a case of a studio not knowing how to market a movie, which is almost always disastrous, business-wise. Not that I figured it would be a box-office smash, but still. The trailer does show that Sam Rockwell was the perfect choice for Victor, despite being a little old; he has the look and the sensibility that I pictured reading the novel.

Finally, what is probably my most anticipated movie of the summer has just released a red band trailer (these things are everywhere now). Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as the titular siblings, and I shouldn't have to say anymore to make you watch it. The gratuitous swearing, the attempted live burial, the bunk bed collapse. All these things make for a movie that I will love.

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Anonymous adam said ... (1:39 PM) : 

big ups on both of these! i didn't know choke was even in production till i saw the little blurb in the back of "snuff"


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