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Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 items of note

Is Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are in trouble? If the film is actually as it seems to be -- a dark, art-house film about a child on a monster's island -- I'm not surprised at all. It definitely sounds like an amazing movie, but if they have to reshoot the entire thing, including recasting the young lead, I doubt it will ever get off the ground again.

But in better news, David Fincher is in line to direct a film version of Charles Burns' graphic novel Black Hole. The graphic novel is really beautiful, but never completely captured me story-wise. While I'm surprised that Fincher is taking this movie on -- it really doesn't seem like his style -- I'm really glad he is, and am definitely looking forward to the final product (although with Fincher's perfectionism, it might be years still).

And I'm not sure how I missed this a month ago, but here are some clips from the upcoming Chuck Palahniuk adaptation Choke, starring Sam Rockwell. Rockwell is one of those actors I'll see in just about anything, and I'm reading Palahniuk's book right now and am liking (but not loving) it. The cast seems pretty well chosen, except that Vincent Mancini is supposed to be about 25 (but at least they raised the age of everyone, then), and much of the dialogue is taken straight from the novel, a good sign. In fact, I laughed at the scene with the woman who wants him to rape her, while the comedy was not laugh-out-loud in the book. Palahniuk's work is great for film adaptation, and this is one of my most anticipated 2008 films.

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