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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crazy Love (Dan Klores, 2007)

I have seen few documentaries about stranger, more compelling people. To tell the entire story would be to ruin at least part of the joy of watching this movie (the utter disbelief in some of the actions), but I'll just introduce these people to you in the hopes you'll want more.

Burt Pugasch is a big deal in 1950s New York - he's a lawyer, film producer, and a night club owner. He sees Linda Riss one day, and decides she's going to be his. He woos her, and eventually, they do date, although as some of Linda's friends say, she seems to be more impressed with him than she is in love with him. He flaunts his wealth by taking Linda to New York hot spots (with Johnny Mathis, among others), and even getting she and her friend on a private plane ride with him, something unheard of at the time. But after a while, Burt's riches just aren't enough for Linda, and then she breaks up with him. Burt is absolutely heartbroken, to the (literal) point of insanity.

And then the strangeness begins. I hadn't heard at all of the story of Burt and Linda before watching the film, and I'm glad I hadn't. There were several points in the film in which I audibly gasped out loud. This film isn't particularly disturbing, although there are some shocking points, but instead a commentary on the often strange nature of love. Dan Klores does a pretty good job in pulling some punches; he keeps the right things secret until they have to be divulged, and the second half of the film is riviting. The first half, however, is a little dull, and brings down the movie as a whole. But for a look at two truly interesting people, I recommend watching Crazy Love


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