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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

364 days of posts

Welcome to 2008, readers!

One of my resolutions this year is to make this thing bigger and better, and that mainly means posting at least once every single day (except in extenuating circumstances, like being 300 miles from home with an all-day hangover, as yesterday). That means more reviews (another, lesser goal is to watch 365 movies -- we'll see), lists (my best of 2007 is coming this weekend!), rants, news, and lots more.

I'm finally going to really figure out this damn film blogging thing. Stick around.

To start things off, Sacha Baron Cohen, one of my favorite actors, is apparently set to star as Abbie Hoffman in an upcoming Steven Spielberg movie about the Chicago 7. Cohen is hilarious (and a hottie, hah), but can he do dramatic? And didn't Vincent D'Onofrio already do this? I think it's a good, if risky, move for Cohen from the comedy ghetto to "real" acting.

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