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Monday, December 03, 2007

An open letter to Katherine Heigl

Dear Katherine Heigl,

Today, news came that you think that Knocked Up was a little sexist. Now (male) film bloggers all over the internet are saying exactly what I expected: you're a money-hungry hypocrite, not a woman with actual opinions about your body of work! And what about MEN in romantic comedies?!

You know what I say? GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL. You are 100 fucking percent correct, and I applaud your bravery, as the main actress in one of this year's biggest movies, to come out and publicly air your concerns about the female role in said movie. Instead of calling you a hypocrite, I think you're a great role model for women. Why should we have to hide our feelings, even if it's on something we were involved in? Why can't we have honest, candid thoughts about these things without being called every name in the book?

Honestly, Katherine, between you and I, I think the backlash against you from these male bloggers has been so harsh because they know Knocked Up is "a little bit sexist," but that conflicts with their beliefs in general, so they choose to knock you down for acknowledging the elephant in the room, rather than actively, honestly taking what you said into consideration. There's no discussion here, just (sexist!) name-calling.

It's not sexist to like Knocked Up, not if you understand what's problematic in the movie (in case you forgot, I outlined it here) and work toward understanding why women are always presented this way in the media. So Katherine, even though you're going back to sappy romantic comedies, I'll always hold a little place for you in my radical feminist heart.

Jeez, things like this almost make you want to punch all men in the face. Almost.


Dana Danger

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