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The Magic Flute (Ingmar Bergman, 1975): 7/10

La Guerre Est Finie (Alain Resnais, 1966): 7/10

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just a little note from me

Do you ever get burned out on movies? I do. I've been trying to watch of things over the past week or so, but nothing has been inspiring. Even after I thoroughly disliked Peter Greenaway's 8 1/2 Women, I couldn't quite find the words to write about it here.

I just wanted to let those of you readers know why I haven't been writing much lately - since the beginning of the year, in fact. It's not because I don't like doing it, writing about film is something I absolutely love to do, but because I think I've honestly been watching too many movies. So, I've cancelled my account with the video store in town, and am ready to just watch those things I get from Netflix and the public library. I've got Pasolini's Porcile coming, and I am going to be seeing Volver and Smokin Aces in theaters this weekend. Hopefully, these will help me get a little bit of my groove back.

Fear not, I know I'll rediscover how much I love writing about movies, but consider this a quasi-hiatus. Probably not really a hiatus at all, but one worth explaining. Thanks for reading, and don't give up the ship.



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