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Monday, September 17, 2007

10 to look forward to

Since the fall movie season usually brings some of the best films of the year (Oscar-bait and the like), here's what I'm looking forward to seeing for the rest of 2007, chronologically (by first release dates):

Lust, Caution (Ang Lee, September 28) Ang Lee's return to China is with this film about WWII-era China. Rated NC-17 for graphic sexuality, I can't wait to see how Lee interprets the lust, caution, and all around danger of this era.

The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson, Septermber 29) The Royal Tenenbaums is in my top five films of all time, and even though Anderson lost me with The Life Aquatic and the early buzz I've read about this film has been largely negative, I will still certainly see this movie as soon as I can. This is the one that makes or breaks Anderson in my eyes; will he continue making the same movie (with varying degrees of success) his whole career, or is he maturing?

The Good Night (Jake Paltrow, October 5) I love Martin Freeman. I wish he was as big of a star in the US as he deserves to be, and maybe The Good Night will get him some of that well-deserved recognition. The movie is about a former pop star who, so tired of his mundane life, gets lost in his dream world, where he meets Penelope Cruz. This has the potential to be The Science of Sleep-lite, but I have high hopes.

30 Days of Night (David Slade, October 19) My list couldn't possibly be all navel-gazing self-revelatory explorations, could it? I replaced the obligatory Saw Halloween release (although I am sure I'll see it, sucker that I am, just to see how they plan on bringing Jigsaw back) with this terrifying-looking movie, based on a graphic novel. How can anyone survive the entire 30 days? Plus, the vampires are more like feral dogs than any traditional elegant vampire.

American Gangster (Ridley Scott, November 2) Very few films are more Oscar-baiting than Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe's third collaboration, American Gangster. The story of a man who is incredibly smart, loyal, and savvy (Denzel Washington), yet decides to apply his strengths to dealing heroin and becoming a huge mob kingpin, and the FBI agent (Crowe) tracking him, this movie also has Common, RZA, and Cuba Gooding Jr. return to respectability (!!).

No Country for Old Men (Joel & Ethan Coen, November 9) This is probably the movie I am most looking forward to. While I like the Coen's movies, for the most part, I wasn't particularly enthused about this movie until I saw the trailer. It blew me away. Javier Bardem is one of my favorite actors, and his cold-as-ice killer gave me chills, plus the desolate country is filmed beautifully. Anything based on a Cormac McCarthy novel can't be bad, either.

I Am Legend (Francis Lawrence, December 14) I am a sucker for Will Smith (what can I say, he's charming) and especially for zombie/acopalypse films. This is one of those rare movies I am trying not to hear anything more about.

Sweeney Todd (Tim Burton, December 21) My family quite often goes to see a movie on Christmas Day. This will probably be this year's choice. An R-rated (I hope) musical with Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen? Something for everyone! I can't wait to see Burton's take on this musical, one of the only ones I can stand (probably the disgusting subject matter).

Walk Hard (Jake Kasdan, December 21) The only reason my family won't be seeing this on Christmas Day is because my brother and I will certainly see it on the 21st. But maybe we'll want to see it again. I think this (along with No Country) is my most anticipated movie. John C. Reilly is a gem, a comic genius and great actor rolled into one. This is like a Judd Apatow movie without Seth Rogen. Plus, funny songs, when done right, can be transcendent.

There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson, December 26) Much like the other Anderson (Wes), this is a make-or-break movie for me and PT. Boogie Nights is close to perfect, but Punch-Drunk Love was mediocre and don't get me started on how much I disliked Magnolia. But Sinclair Lewis is a good place to start, and I think Anderson will successfully sink his teeth into the material.

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Blogger Adam said ... (10:18 PM) : 

i can't wait for 'walk hard' matt besser is in it!


Blogger Peter Slattery said ... (1:14 PM) : 

Excellent list. Especially looking forward to the Anderson movies.


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